Creative Birthday Cake Ideas

Published: 29th April 2010
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What would a birthday party be without the scrumptious birthday cake? After all, it's the magical birthday cake which takes pride of place on your celebration table, pretty candles all-aglow, just waiting for the birthday girl or boy to blow them out and make their special birthday wish.

So, when planning any birthday celebration, a lot of thought needs to go into the actual birthday cake, for it's a major party item. And, to help you on your way, here you have a few birthday cake ideas.

Some of the most creative birthday cakes around are those made for babies and children. Planning on celebrating a tiny baby's first birthday? Then why not order - or make - a cake in the shape of a dummy , or baby's booties, colored in pink-and-white or blue-and-white, depending on whether it's for a girl or boy?

Kids' parties are always hectic events and, what better way to round off what will surely have been a wild tea party, than with a colorful cake representing the birthday child's favorite cartoon, film, or book character? This might be Superman, Thomas the Tank Engine, Snow White or Cinderella. Or represent Star Wars or Jurassic Park ... the list is endless.

Romance plays a large part in teenagers' and adults' lives. And, which girl wouldn't just love having her partner present her with a gorgeous, chocolate, heart-shaped birthday cake, piped with pink or red flowers?

Men are renowned for being a problem when it comes to birthday celebrations - be it in choosing a gift for them, or the cake. Resolve this by picking a birthday cake which portrays something the birthday boy loves. For example, he may dream of owning a flashy, red sports car ... or perhaps he's a keen football fan or an avid golfer. Then present him with a birthday cake shaped like a car, football or golf clubs and ball.

But where, exactly, do you get hold of these fancy-shaped birthday cakes?

First of all, once you have a clear idea of the type of cake you require, you can always order it from a professional baker. You may even find speciality bakers who have a selection of themed birthday cakes ready-baked.

But, what if you want to bake the cake yourself? Worry not!... You're sure to find it much easier than you originally expected.

Most birthday cakes, however fancy they may look on the surface, tend to be made out of a fairly basic sponge recipe. This might be plain or flavored - for example, a chocolate-flavored sponge. You can even buy affordable plain sponge layers from most supermarkets.

Ideally, you'll need at least two layers of sponge to make your cake. You may wish to bake the sponge mixture in specially-shaped tins, to fit in with the design of your cake. But, you can always use ordinary cake tins, and then cut the sponge into your chosen shape once it's cooked and well-cooled. Once you have your sponge layers cut into shape, it's then just a question of mounting and decorating them.

In between layers, place sieved jam, butter cream or whipped cream. Then, spread suitably-colored butter cream icing all over the outside of the cake. You may wish to decorate with edible marzipan shapes, chocolate buttons and shavings, and pipe with lots of whipped cream.

One thing's for sure. As long as you have plenty of creative birthday cake ideas and lashings of love, everyone's sure to enjoy the result. But, don't forget the candles!

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